first on scene

The parking attendant – a guy who’d make Vin Diesel blush – was doing his rounds. Everyone dashed out to move their cars, including me. I jumped in and sped off to find a spot out on the road.
When eventually I’d parked up and was walking back, I saw a bumblebee lying on the pavement with its legs in the air. I didn’t want anyone to step on it, so I thought I’d pick it up with whatever came to hand and move it to the grass verge. I crouched down and began gently poking it with my diary. Whether the bee was sick or stunned I don’t know but it just lay there, buzzing furiously, waggling its legs, trying to buy enough of an angle to sting me.
A kid passed by. He had an odd expression on his face, and suddenly I saw how it must have looked to him: a nurse, kneeling down in the middle of the pavement, resuscitating a bee with the point of his diary.
He hurried on.

6 thoughts on “first on scene

  1. I’ll always try to save bees, bumble or otherwise (I keep meaning to look up the difference). We’ve got a load of lavender in the garden and I love standing by it watching the bees work. At the risk of sounding obvious, they’re so freakin’ BUSY. It must take a lot of collecting to make a little bit of honey – so well done bees.


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