A little about me.

I’m currently working as a nursing assistant in the community, writing and taking pictures the rest of the time.

Before my current job I worked as an EMT in the ambulance service. You might have come across me as ‘Spence Kennedy’ in my long-running ambulance blog Siren Voices, and the book that came out of that: Frank’s Last Call. 

Now I write under my own name. Later this year I’ll be publishing a novel based on my experiences in adult social care – so watch this space!

Thanks so much for reading. It’d be great to hear from you – either in a comment, by email, Twitter or Instagram.

The books so far…

HardwickeEthan and Thomas: two orphaned brothers sent to work at the Enderby Hemp & Rope works in Victorian London. When Ethan takes the blame for a fire at the factory, he is transported to Van Diemen’s Land, a penal colony on the other side of the world. Determined to survive, Ethan will do whatever it takes to find his brother again. Then he discovers that Thomas has been sent to Hardwicke, a remote colonial outpost on the Auckland Islands.

Frank’s Last CallFLC
Based on the ambulance blog Siren Voices, the book follows a new EMT as he starts work in a busy seaside town.


On Calder Hill
OCHExams are the least of Holly’s problems. Her mum has come up with yet another get rich quick scheme – the opening of a café in the local park – and Holly has been roped in to help. But as she sits daydreaming at the counter one morning, a mysterious young girl comes to visit. When she disappears after leaving an ancient silver penny as payment, something is begun that will challenge everything Holly thinks she knows – not just about her past, but about the fabric of time itself.

Into the Eclipse
ITEWhen Kate leaves home to go to university, she is recruited by a secretive organisation and severs all links to her family. Ella, her mother, tries desperately to win her back. Eventually she turns to Noah, an anti-cult campaigner. Together they face up to an organisation prepared to do anything to protect itself, as it moves inexorably towards one final, cataclysmic event.