supples snr & jnr

The first time I go round to see Mr Supple there’s no reply. I do the usual things – knock a little louder, ring the landline, peer through the windows to see if he’s on the floor. In the notes it mentioned a keysafe, but I hadn’t been able to find it. It’s only by … Continue reading supples snr & jnr

disaster movie

Melanie’s front door is to the side of the building, down an alleyway so narrow you could put your back against one house, plant your feet against the other and shuffle your way to the top. I’m guessing the house is a couple of hundred years old. It must have been pretty grand once. Now … Continue reading disaster movie

andy williams’ teeth

Frank’s carer, Eloise, appears by my side at the front door so unexpectedly it makes me jump. I think she must’ve been watching from her window across the street, but then again, she’s such a thin and hyper-active woman, with such a mass of fine, frizzy black hair, I suppose it’s just possible she picked … Continue reading andy williams’ teeth

the fantastic three

I’ve stopped outside to chat to Enid’s next door neighbour, Sam. He’s an extraordinary-looking man – craggy as an outcrop of granite, growl-voiced, huge hands. He reminds me of The Thing in The Fantastic Four, but retired now, packed into a rumpled suit and hat, given to walking with a stick. ‘It’s a terrible business,’ … Continue reading the fantastic three

julie crusoe

I’m lost, but it’s not surprising. It’s the kind of estate you need a ball of string or a bag of bread crumbs to find your way around. Or an app. I’m sure I’ve passed that discarded fridge before. And yep  – here I am, back beneath the stark, anti-climb pole with the security camera … Continue reading julie crusoe

queen m

Maureen’s hair is an art form, a talking point, a thing. A great, ribbed dome, a few singed curls escaping round the netting edges, the rest stuffed up into an immense, squashy, off-centre beehive actually filled with bees for all I know. I expect to see them start pouring out in a fury and circling … Continue reading queen m

face time

Mrs Williams’ granddaughter, Phoebe, is sitting quietly on the sofa by the window, her arms folded, her legs jogging up and down. Mrs Williams is sitting in her riser-recliner, wearing a white baseball cap with a kangaroo motif. She keeps her chin down, so all I can see from here is her mouth, moving as … Continue reading face time