pool party

I’m off to France tomorrow an engagement party my niece is getting married no, the other one we’re all invited to a villa she’s hired, somewhere down south i know, sounds heavenly but you know what? i’m dreading it a pool party, for fuck’s sake what am I going to do? it’s all right for … Continue reading pool party

what things are

i was going to tweet a picture of an old tree the front looked normal but the back was hollowed out (does a tree even have a front and a back?) blackened with fire, anyway lightning, maybe? dramatic, whatever i took the shot i thought it might be a lime tree but i wasn’t sure … Continue reading what things are

the old barn by the sea

the picture I liked best? a watercolour in a wormy wooden frame an old barn by the sea with a path drawing you down through a field of poppies. ‘By a cousin of mine’ she said ‘Used to be a set designer. For the opera. Long gone now, of course.’ I lean in to read … Continue reading the old barn by the sea

redcurrant fever

it happened overnight or so it seemed one day, a modest green bush the next, a redcurrant carnival I’d never seen so many currants a super-abundance of currants it was like Val, our next door neighbour had snuck out at night and tipped a sack of red plastic earrings over the fence you could hardly … Continue reading redcurrant fever

badger time

we saw the girls off on the coach this morning a school trip to France half past five, the sun a smeary yellow bloom, waved, even though the windows were opaque (‘think you’re free of them?’ the driver said, slamming the doors ‘think again; I’m bringing replacements by return’ we laughed, even though we didn’t … Continue reading badger time

the old shed

I tore down the shed today I can’t say it was difficult the whole thing was rotten I could’ve huffed and puffed and blown the shed down dispossessing not three little pigs but innumerable spiders horrible as currants, abandoning their nurseries screaming from the light; slugs, ribbed jelly thumbs gummed to the strandline of an … Continue reading the old shed

suede head

‘Are there any special precautions for suede?’ The salesman hesitates. ‘What like?’ he says. ‘What d’you mean, special precautions?’ ‘Well – you know – for rain’ ‘Don’t, is my advice. Check the forecast.’ ‘Okay. ‘But if you want to go out…. if you have to go out, just don’t go splashing around. ‘Okay.’ ‘And get … Continue reading suede head