blog robin

Well – I can’t believe another year has come and gone…

I think that’s the accepted way of starting a round robin letter, those insipid but curiously incendiary A4 slabs of family business that get smuggled inside Christmas cards like condoms of pure news inside a drugs mule.

There’s lots already been said about Round Robin letters. Simon Hoggart published a series of very funny books about them, and you’d think that would’ve been the comedic stake through the heart of the phenomenon. But they still keep coming back, and I suppose it’s because of their utilitarian nature.

I’ll admit, sometimes it feels a little curt just to put Lots of Love, Jim xx when I haven’t spoken to that person, brother or what-have-you, in six months or a year – and don’t they deserve more? So the temptation is to write a paragraph or two, and if you roll that out over a dozen or more cards it becomes quite a thing. And I’ll be saying much the same stuff. So the temptation might be to rationalise the process (I say temptation in a HIGHLY theoretical way, because, actually, I’ve never been tempted), spend a little time getting it right on the computer, a few jokes and quotes, a mixture of trips, triumphs and tragedies, tactfully balanced, nicely aligned, with a few cheeky snaps to cheer the whole thing up.

So yeah – I suppose it does make sense.

Except it doesn’t, because if you’re close enough to care about this stuff you’ll know about it already. And if you’re not, you won’t.

ting ting ting ting ting

And by the way, if you’ve sent me one – thanks very much! It was lovely to hear all your news.

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year!

With lots of love


(p.s the round robin’s in the post…)

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