conspiracy theory

IMG_3320Daemon DNA has a double hex
synthesised in the biotechs
bright and fine as cybersex
downloaded to the multiplex

Daemon DNA is the subtlest thing
a micro twist with a protein sting
to penetrate the security ring
and corkscrew into everything

Daemon DNA is a government plot
to bind us all in a sleepless knot
to flex our dreams and fix our shot
and stifle every good we’ve got

Daemon DNA is a feral beast
fed by offshore excel sheets
run out from presidential suites
to the backs of vans in the city police

Daemon DNA is a grave invention
good for cancer & hypertension
gagging orders, rights suppression
anything you care to mention

Daemon DNA is out of reach
fine as the fuzz on a rotten peach
soft as a ghost on a crowded beach
thin as the smile in a political speech

Daemon DNA has its roots in me
sweet and sharp as a pepper tree
battening on my soul’s debris
replicating endlessly