tyger, tyger & meerkat

‘Why is he a double-up?’
‘A history of violence’
‘What? Like murder?’
‘I’m not at liberty to say.’
‘Why not?’
‘Patient confidentiality.’
‘But you do know?’
‘Yes. And it’s serious stuff.
It’s not just shouting & swearing
and waving a walking stick.’
‘What is it, then?’
‘I’m not at liberty to say.’
‘Has he used weapons?’
‘A gun or a knife?’
‘Read my lips’
‘Is he like Hannibal Lecter?’
‘Yes, Jim. He’s like Hannibal Lecter.’
‘No. Not cool. Don’t be blase
about this one, Jim, please.
He’s a real danger.’
‘But you want us to go in there?’
‘To see Hannibal Lecter?’
‘Hannibal the Cannibal?’
‘If you wouldn’t mind.’
‘To check his obs and do his insulin?’
‘And make sure he’s eaten?’
‘Yes. But be careful.
Be aware.
Know where you’re standing
at all times
in relation to him.
When you bend down
to pick something up
for example.
When you have your back turned.
That sort of thing.’
‘Can’t wait.’
‘Keep in touch.’



meerkatThe patient is sitting in an armchair, in a darkened room, surrounded by ceramic meerkats. Behind him on the wall is a large, embroidered panel of a tiger in a forest. The eyes of the tiger have been cut out.
‘Why hello, there!’ he wheezes. ‘Please – take a seat.’