response to another rejection letter

Dear Whoever,

C’mon! I AM the droid you’re looking for / I’m Shelley Duvall behind the door / I’m Liam Neeson using the hard shoulder / I’m Harrison Ford outrunning a boulder / I’m a zombie standing on an elevator / who’s still there when you come back half an hour later / I’m the Pied Piper playing for one deaf rat / who nods as if he’s happy with that / I’m the butcher, the baker, the manuscript maker / I’m the cook, the thief, his wife, and a whole lot of other fakes / I’m the lady with the head full of snakes / who rinses and rinses but never quite convinces / I’m the baby alien that didn’t make it past the vest / I’m the original scream test / I’m Eliot Mess / and The Unworkables / I’m Gene Kelly and The Untwerkables / I’m Childish Gambino in a casino with a bambino / quoting Italo Calvino / cool & smart & he knows it / super cool till he blows it / I’m the Leastest Showman / I’m The Snowman / walking in the air till he doesn’t / I’m the Wizard of Oz that Wozn’t / I’m Toto, breaking outta the basket / I’m the witch pedalling like fury after it / I’m King Kong in a party thong / climbing entirely the wrong kinda tower / hurt by all the fire power / and stuff / trying to act like he’s big & bad enough / but even gnat bites have a cumulative effect / and you know the beast is gonna get wrecked / but hey / whatever / it’s inevitable as the weather / you just gotta learn to roll with the punches / organise some working lunches / and literary aspiration? / tough question / sometimes I feel like a skull on the windowsill / where Shakespeare maybe dabbed his quill / he probably had some better receptacle / but it didn’t make quite such an arresting spectacle

hoping all’s good with you &c

yours in limbo