the cat in the flak jacket

(with apologies to Dr Seuss)

the alarms did not ring
it was too late to run
so we hid in the classroom
from the sound of the gun

I hid there with Sally
we hid there, we too
and I said how I wish
the shooting was through

but all we could do was to
and we did not like it
with a shooter outside

and then something went POP!
how that pop made us stop!
we looked
then we saw him
step in with a Glock!
we looked
and we saw him
the cat in the flak jacket
and he said to us
‘Why do you all hide there like that?
I know it is scary
and the odds are quite stacked
but we can have lots of good fun, that’s a fact
I know some good games we could play’
said the cat
‘thanks to the folk of the NRA’

and Sally and I
did not know what to say
as our blood ran out in the classroom that day