window dressing

I kinda got used to seeing it
a scene in a cottage window in the village as I was leaving it
every day
in the morning about 7 o’clock I’d say
an annoying toy display
Buzz Lightyear, Woody and T-Rex
arranged in the window for hilarious effect
a cute tableaux
hanging upside down by their toes
or swinging from mistletoe
at Christmas
for instance
chicks at Easter, that kinda business
Buzz wearing Woody’s hat
T-Rex apparently mad for that
the three of ‘em swinging in a precarious line
from the white pull cord of the window blind
and so on
and on
and on

I mean – you wouldn’t think there was THAT much to go on
but the window dresser went at it with brio
rearranging their Pixar trio
every day a different show
of frozen poses in a village window
but I dunno

you see – the more
I swore
to ignore it
the more
I saw
I couldn’t avoid it
I was compelled to look
morbidly hooked
drawn to see what new liberties they took

it’s odd how all these traditions start
one day you’re balancing toys for a laugh
the next you’re obliged ad nauseam
to manipulate dolls for applauseam

and so it went on for a couple of years
until the Pixar troupe disappeared
replaced by a massive, expressionless bear
that filled the window with its constipated stare

it was quite a blow to see it
I couldn’t believe it
they must’ve suffered psychic trauma
to suddenly turn to THAT performer

but the next day even the bear was scrapped
the window covered in frosty wrap

I don’t know what this says about performance
it’s probably not of any importance
puppets come, puppets go
commuters too and I should know