tea, biscuits & astrophysics

13.8bn years ago there was nothing
not a goddamn thing
so getting from that to everything
is really quite something
I mean – at what point do you even start counting?
there isn’t even TIME?
nothing going forward, not even slime

okay – fine
I admit it
I didn’t take science at school I quit it

and I’m not at all religious
the idea God was involved is highly suspicious

I have to say, though, it seems a stretch
for infinity to shake itself and fetch
whole galaxies of stuff
when forever was perfectly good enough
if you’re happy doing nothing
why do something
I mean – WHY?
it’s mystifying
everything’s fine – why risk it?
from absolute zero to a digestive biscuit?

life, the universe and the wild, wild west

life’s a squeeze
a temporal sneeze
between one infinity and the next
which sounds complex
but it’s not
it’s just the universe is all we’ve got
and doesn’t much care
whether we’re there
to talk about it or not

the whole thing’s over before it starts
so try not to take it to heart
like twitchy cowboys shooting in the dark
c’mon – they’re cacti, guys
this shit shouldn’t be a surprise
in a semi-arid environment
why’d ya have to be so violent?

my point is
the joint is
what you might call temporary
consciousness complimentary
all we ever really have is THE NOW
which unfortunately just went
but I’m sure another is imminent