Ghastlybury Festival

On the Pyramid Sales Stage:

BJ Johnson & The Old School Kickbacks
Richey Rich Sunak & The Corporate Cashbacks
Mort Handjob & The Splashbacks

In the Little Island Tent:

Ravin’ Williamson & The Witless Paraders
Pitiless Patel & The Choppy Channel Waders
Backstreet Jenrick & The Party Fund Traders

The Robert Peel stage:

Liz Truss & The Chlorinated Chickens
Robbie ‘Rob’ Buckland & The Unlawful Applications
Dominatrix Raab & The Dreadful Vibrations

In the Magical Avalon Marketplace:

Oliver Dowden’s Seaside Clown School
Old Mother Coffey’s Border Gang Patrol

The Michael Glove Puppets

Jacob Rees Mogg