suede head

‘Are there any special precautions for suede?’
The salesman hesitates.
‘What like?’ he says. ‘What d’you mean, special precautions?’
‘Well – you know – for rain’
‘Don’t, is my advice. Check the forecast.’
‘But if you want to go out…. if you have to go out,
just don’t go splashing around.
‘And get some special coating. They sell it next door.’
‘Yes.’ He looks at me. ‘From a can.’
After a moment, he boxes the shoes and starts ringing them up.
‘These too,’ I say, handing him a clip of black socks.
‘Do you want a bag?’ he says. ‘Five pence?’
‘No,’ I say. ‘That’s okay. Put the socks in the box.’
‘The socks in the box?’
‘Yes. The socks in the box.’
He opens the box, puts in the socks.
Shuts it, leaving his hand on top for a moment
like he’s scared the socks’ll try to bust straight out of there.Image result for black suede shoes
I hand him my card.
‘Don’t forget about the rain,’ he says
Jabbing the buttons on the till
‘I won’t. If it’s raining too hard, I’ll just
Stay in. Or if I absolutely have to go out
I’ll tie a couple of bags round my feet.’
‘Yeah,’ he says, handing me my receipt
‘You could totally do that.’

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