redcurrant fever

it happened overnight
or so it seemed
one day, a modest green bush
the next, a redcurrant carnival
I’d never seen so many currants
a super-abundance of currants
it was like Val, our next door neighbour
had snuck out at night
and tipped a sack of red plastic earrings over the fence
you could hardly call it picking
I only need smile in their general direction
and they hurled themselves sobbing into the colander
I’m sorry to report not all of them made it
many were spilled wastefully upon the earth
where I left them to the birds and the worms
I said out loud – but, come on! who was I kidding?
redcurrantscertainly not the Goddess of Soft Fruits
who, riding past on a bumble bee,
shook her head sadly
at my currant debauchery,
then spurred her mount on
to other, lovelier, more temperate gardens
(not Val’s, though. just saying.)

4 thoughts on “redcurrant fever

    1. Thanks, Jane. In the end we made a batch of redcurrant muffins, and a load of redcurrant ice cream (wish I could serve you some…)

      The blackcurrants have done well, too. I made some jam from them (although I had some problems. The first attempt was too runny, so I re-cooked it with a little more preserving sugar, and it came out really tacky – so I think next time I’ll hold my nerve about the sugar, and just reduce it for longer). x


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