trailer b II

so listen
I didn’t mean to bust your balloon like that
there are too many people
comin to the party with pins these days
and I didn’ oughta add to it
so what’d’ya say?
are you ready to jump out the window of the pin factory?
we could be – I don’t know – inflatorers or somethin’

I mean, jay edgar christ
call me steve naïve, but I do wanna save the goddam whale,
wyoming, the world
whatever else you got starts with a wubbleyou
I mean, purlease
have you buried your face in the papers recently?
did you take your CNN this morning?
no? well let me tell ya
as the Julie Andrews sisters once had it
let’s start at the very beginning
you can ignore all that Lord of the Onion Rings
Jesus on a Unicorn
slidin’ down a Rainbow
wavin’ the bill o’ rights bullcrack
it’s time for a little mano a mano
you gotta say goodbye
to the other furbies in the nursery
sweet pea
and take the red pill

look here
look at this
d’ya see it?
they’re razorin’ up the fleet, my friend
they’re zeroing their zip codes
everything cock-shaped
is swivelling east
this ain’t no time for no baked goods yard sale
there ain’t room on the bus
for no wet dream about Lennon
you ain’t got the luxury no more
of getting’ all Tin-Tin
over some polar bear who once looked sad
‘cos he had to douche with an oil pipe live on Twitter
Goldilocks – look at me
it’s time to eat from the big bowl now
These ain’t tears of joy
This is ninety-eight per cent patriotic moonshine
and there ain’t nothin’ better for the soul than that
I love you like a son I never wanted but grew to love anyway
but you know that
make like the filmstrailer b 2
let’s stand together on this one
George and Lennnie
i gotta we gotta
so tell me

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