it was me
I did it
I destroyed Dad’s shed
(cut myself on a nail
serves me right
blood all down my shirt
bloody shed murderer)

anyway, I had some right
being there at the begatting
forty years ago
Dad scavenging planks from pallets
at the printers where he worked
grimace & purpose of Noah
an eye on the sky
& a fiver for the lads
to drop it all round
and when he had enough
nailing them up, quick, ship-lap style
a couple of windows
real glass, putty of aniseed
speculative press in the corner
inviting a bridge of thumbs
across the divide

but now those hands
rest in the ground
empty as gloves
and here I am
bloodied and breathless in the ruined ribs of it all
the fucked felt, the fossilised tins
nails and screws and useless things
the wormy bench, the rusted saw
and look – a square of green rubberhermes
an offset image of Hermes
no doubt from the printing
of some catalogue
I take it inside
hold it up to a mirror
to read the backwards writing
only subsequently
do I become aware
of my face behind it
suddenly a lot like yours

2 thoughts on “genesis

    1. Thanks very much, Sue!

      I was a bit worried, writing another one about Dad’s shed… but then, it was a big deal for me, so why not! (It’s funny how these mundane things can have such a resonance).

      Maybe that should be the anthology theme – sheds. (Although seeing it written down like that, maybe not…) x


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