the woman’s smile
is as wide and sudden as the door
‘We’d like to speak to you a moment
about the trouble the world is in’ she says
I glance at the others with her
a man held in position by his tie
a girl in a black velvet dress
the three of them as smart as a family
in an advert for something wholesome
‘We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses,’ she says.
‘Can I give you a leaflet?’
‘I don’t think it’s worth it,’ I say.
‘We’re not ah…erm… we’re not
a religious household’
the word household sounding phoney when I say it
like frog or featurette
‘Take one anyway,’ she says
feeling my confusion
‘It looks a bit grim on the front
but I think you’ll find comfort inside.’
She’s right about the cover
Will suffering ever end?
a distressed woman with her head in her hands
I want to say something
if God made everything
he made the pain too
and what can you make of that?
but instead I glance at the man again
he’s looking at his watch
there’s only so far you can go with the lost
he seems to be saying
this wasn’t my idea
I’ve had a busy week
the guy’s obviously not interested
and anyway, God, look at the time

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