what do dreams even MEAN?

I keep a dream diary
(have I lost you already?)
this was the entry for last night:
I’m in an ancient forest
desperate to take a picture
the trees there are big
skin like saltwater crocs
I almost break a leg
scrabbling round the roots
suddenly there’s a shadow
I think maybe bear or deer
I hold the camera ready
turns out it’s the ranger
on a horse, sneaking up
‘hold it buster’ he cries
I run, the ranger
shouting obscenities
as I duck under a fence

cut to the next scene

I have to get some sick people to hospital
in an ambulance you steer with your mind
and two bent sticks
I don’t do too bad
turns out, it’s like dowsing
I just have to remember
what thirsty feels like
and it takes me straight there
in a crazy, sawtooth line
through the hooting snarl-ups
to the cooler with no cups
back of the ER

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