office castaway

the bully was back, it was a real fix
(friends in high places, politics)
no way would you just sit there
and be treated like the office chair
supine at the kick of a heel
or tossed out back with a dodgy wheel
it doesn’t matter how difficult the circumstances
it’s a world of opportunity & second chances
so – okay – here’s what you told me you’d do:
you’d axe a canoe
from a fallen tree
put to sea
collect rainwater in butts
live off turtle meat and fish guts
reach a sunny atoll
weave a rush parasol
find a cave, make it nice
grow beans, maize corn & wild rice
keep a charcoal calendar
and a parrot called Alexander
after Alexander Selkirk
a sailor who ALSO had petty disagreements at work
and was subsequently dumped in the South Pacific
– 420 miles off the coast of Chile, to be specific –
on a desert island called Más a Tierra
(thank you, Wikipedia)

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