I’ve never been one for eating
Charlie was though
he had big appetites
we went out for the day
Charlie had a disgusting hunk of huss
I had fish cake
couldn’t finish it
Charlie cleaned up
as per usual
I lost an earring
eighteen carat, beautiful
nobody seen it
not what they said anyways
went to the jewellers
I didn’t like it
I could see guns
Charlie said it was okay
treat myself to some danglies
a hundred and twenty pound the pair
and that was then
we’ll claim the tax back at the border
Charlie said
we never did
don’t know why

2 thoughts on “charlie

    1. The way I think about poems is that they’re just a more tightly-packed form of writing. This one’s a character sketch, really. I liked the way she described Charlie – he felt to me like an uneasy presence in the background, whilst she chattered on about earrings and fish cakes. But it’s all very disposable – like the fish and chip paper! No deeper messages or meanings, I promise! (I don’t think I’m capable of writing poems like that) x


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