the residents of EMI6

Bond frowns as the safety gate
snicks into place like a Beretta 418
‘Wakey, wakey! Medication time!’
says the nurse, karate chopping the blinds
then carefully opening a colouring book
lays it in his lap and says ‘There now! Look!’
Bond recognises the Orient Express
‘A steam train!’ says the nurse. ‘Yes?’
He frowns and points to that bit of the track
where he leapt from his Aston Martin and back
But the nurse is busy checking her batch,
she produces a needle and smiles: ‘Sharp scratch!’

Q irritably clicks his pen
as the carer passes with the trolley again
‘Alright Queuey? Wha’ d’ya want?
Custard cream or raspberry fondant?’
Q gives the Parker one last stab
wonders what else he’s got in the lab
‘Tea or cocoa? Banana drink?
Hot or cold, love? Wha’d’ya think?’
Q tugs his bowtie, waits for the explosion
…. and waits and waits in utter confusion
‘Oh dear me, love! It’s not a grenade!’
Pulling the tab on a lemonade.

Moneypenny screams, tears off her shawl
throws it at the poodle looking in from the hall
(the poodle reminds her of someone – a spy?
the lascivious tongue, the damp brown eye)
‘No!’ says the manager, cuddling the dog
‘Yet another entry for the incident log!
You really must control your temper.
We all have to share the space, remember?
Just try harder, please, Mrs M. Promise?’
then turns and leads the dog back to the office.
Moneypenny curses – emphatically
Then watches Dr No on her little TV

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