the truth about the beard

‘One of the patients gave you a nice compliment. Well – I think it’s a compliment. Maybe a double-edged compliment.’
‘What patient? What compliment?’
‘The woman whose husband’s diagnosed with mixed dementia.’
‘Oh, I know. She’s lovely. They’re both lovely. Although he really shouldn’t be driving. I always feel like taking his keys off him…’ I mime tossing them over my shoulder. ‘So go on, then. What did she say?’
‘Are you sure you’re ready for this?’
‘I’m sure.’
‘Okay. Well. She said how nice and kind you were. She said you were very gentle, and she said you made her feel a lot better.’
‘You’re making me blush.’
‘Yeah. And she said That’s the thing about the gays, they’re always so sensitive.
Amy leans in and narrows her eyes.
‘You don’t mind do you?’
‘Me? No! Why would I? Anyway, I’m used to it. Although maybe I should work on my gruff manly skills. Hey! I’m Jim. I’ll be taking care of you today. Look at my tattoos…
‘I said you were married with kids.’
‘And what did she say?’
‘She said Is he?


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