please do NOT allow your carapace
to scratch the glass

thank you

gather round
look closely

tell me what you see

yes! excellent!

in fact, we think item A
was a communication device
detailed plotting
of the debris field
suggests the subject died
holding it to its face

Item B is the remains of
a head dress
probably protective
possibly ritual

Item C is a form of manufactured sac
worn on the back
for the conveyance of material
pertaining to the diurnal activities of the creature
too degraded to open now, of course
but careful examination with a tendril ray
has revealed a miscellany
of fascinating objects
organic, synthetic
not yet fully understood

Who can tell me about Item D?


in fact, item B is a food wrapper
‘Dorito chips’
an index fossil
with a wide geographic distribution

on a lighter note
we think you’ll agree
the mandible fixed
in the open position like that
does lend the subject
a somewhat vacant aspect


there are many such fossils
in this biome
if you would like to learn more
follow the protocol, please
hold up your eye

the claw will find you

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