lord of the money

c’mon / you can’t blame a guy for trying / for simply going forth and multiplying / I think you’ll find it’s in the good book / or was, last time I looked / and yes, d’uh! I know about the camel and the needle / but I don’t think they were thinking of this indiveedle / and anyways, hey – these days any kinda mammal / can pass through anything, including a camel / they haven’t yet made a small enough lumen / to keep out this particular brand of human / with an offshore account / for undisclosed amounts / a rack of ties from the usual schools / I’m sorry, mister – I don’t make the rules / I only abuse ‘em / morals slow you down, so lose ‘em / the simple fact is, his chance came along and he seized it / he reached up, picked the damned fruit and he squeezed it / felt the holy juice trickle down his arm / and he was so impressed he bought the farm / started a dynasty / financed an amnesty / started all kinds of funds and trusts / everything sprinkled with fairy dust

but hey! how your eyes move, man / they sparkle and burn / put me on your shoulder so I can learn / I’ll ride along tame as your favourite monkey / laughing at all the failures and flunkies / look at ‘em all, flailing around down there! / they’re so clueless man it’s hard to care / didn’t no-one tell ‘em, life is a butter dream / a gated house for the dairy queen / your mission – if you decide to accept it / teach me about feudalism and how to resurrect it / they won’t care, they’re far too steady / look at ‘em! they’re halfway there already / but hey / anyway / who cares what they say? / fake it till you make it, darling / have another can of carling / but not so much you can’t do the work / at the checkouts, pumps, hospitals or whatever / get used to it, you’ll be there forever / whilst overhead, the moneyed elite / cruise at an attitude of thirty thousand feet /

anyway, the systems working, don’t knock it / it’s a full time job keeping governments in your pocket / the die is cast, you’ve paid up front / so get back to work you shiftless so and so

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