a short walk to the bypass

you used to be able
to go over the fields
not any more
they’ve fenced it all off
why, I don’t know
now you have to stick to the lane
I usually walk to the by-pass and back
but I won’t let amelie off no way
too dangerous
I keep her on the extendable

look at that
you can still just about
read what they wrote:
pick up your shit
the council said they had to
paint it over
too aggressive, they said
but it’s not nice, is it
everyone using your garden
for a toilet
a few people spoiling it
for everyone else
same old same old

see that sign?
that makes me laugh
warning! alsatians off the lead!
I saw the man who owns it the other day
I bet you don’t recognise me he said
I do I said you used to sell pet food down the market
you’ve got a good memory he said
but why would I forget?
just make sure you keep your alsatians
away from my amelie I said
you’re alright he said
but I’m not so sure
what with him driving in and out all hours
the gates aren’t always shut are they
and I don’t know what’s worse
being run over or eaten by dogs

look at that house
what’s left of it
such a shame
almost burned to the ground
some foreigners were sleeping rough
set it all on fire
lucky they didn’t go up with it
it’s been like that a while now
but they’ve got plans
apparently someone somewhere
wants to turn it into a riding school
a riding school!
I remember when it was pigs & runner beans
come on, that’s far enough
let’s turn back
it’s not like it used to be
but at least we’ve got the garden

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