mid-life croesus

stop right there / yeah? / do like the Floyd said and breathe, breathe in the air / see what I mean? / so spreadsheet sexy it’s obscene / laundro-money clean / it’s the beast, man / the best / the cool, straight A for Asset test / the sweet smell of success / it’s a mai tai in the mile high / the aroma of the arrivée / the uber privé / it’s offshore olfactory / super satisfactory / it’s the rich & beautiful top note / of krugerrands in bank vaults / the squeak of monetary purity that speaks to me / in perpetuity / the floral aura of celebrity endorsement / michelin stars & law enforcement / the nourishing glow of not what but who you know / so c’mon, man / loosen up / you gotta grab ‘em hard and goose’em up / let me tell ya about the space a platinum card’ll get ya / a field of poppies in the Wonderful Wizard of Ours / hours & hours of golden showers / in penthouse glasshouses / top of Qatari towers / the chiming of a titanium Tag / backseat of a luxury cab / gliding across the city like an angel from above / in diamond-pinned collar and cuff / God – I love the smell of testosterone in the morning / over the bridge at dawn / to spawn / in this vast and glittering Temple of Stuff / where enough is not even close to enough / but the perpetual augmentation / and noble curation / of a great family dynasty / feeding the roots endlessly / relentlessly tending the assets / while you leaf through Tatler & Debretts / worrying about all the shit you haven’t got yet /

so anyway / tell me the truth / how d’you get up on the garden roof? /

Oh, really? / well I’m sorry, sir / usual rules apply / you got no wings, you ‘ain’t gonna fly

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