genesis 2:7 II

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground
(because the LG could see there was plenty around;
exactly what tools He used the bible doesn’t say
but I suppose He was just naturally good with clay)


He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul
wasting no time at all
taking his toll
on all the other creatures
and complex eco-systemic features
spooling out behind him on the evolutionary scroll

thanks be to God

but hey

all this is a long-winded way to say
that out and about today
with Lola the dog
I came across a rotten log
that looked a bit like an apocalyptic serpent
about to swallow God’s starry firmament
(or would do if my f-stop was properly determinant )
and I thought – if I propped a little man up in the foreground, with a stick
it might give the picture an emotional kick
you know – a piquant focus –
poetic hocus pocus
like foregrounding a monstrous bulldozer with a crocus
so I looked around for something to use
(exactly like God, but in cagoule and shoes)
instead of the dust of the ground
all I found
was an old cow pat
enticingly dry and flat
so I thought I’d cut a man out of that
but the pat was too crumbly
my hands too cold & my fingers fumbly
and then the penknife
jackknifed, the blade snapped shut
and suddenly there was blood
dripping on the pat man and the mud
and I yelped, and dropped the knife,
and cursed this foolish, photographic life
wrapping a tissue round my thumb
swearing at the clumsy fucker I’d become
but wondering if the blood would animate
this hokey man of shit I’d tried to create
but no – he didn’t move a fibre
didn’t jump up, wave, run off or whatever
he just lay there looking like a sorry piece of crap
not at all the cute figure I needed for the snap
(and by the way, can I say right here?
the Lord God had the right idea
avoiding any similar conclusion
choosing breath of life over blood transfusion)IMG_0251

so I left my primitive pat man unpapped on the log
and staggered home howling after the dog
my attempt at creation a complete disaster
fuck that shit – all I need is a plaster

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