upset nav

drive to: wrong aroma / ricky roma / mesothelioma
drive to: empire state / rail freight / heaven’s gate
drive to: dramaturge / gettysburg / zuckerberg
drive to: the far side / the dark side / the park & ride
drive to: look at me / like me / vote me
drive to: pantene pro V
drive to: space invasion / face conflation /  winslett in Contagion
drive to: explanation
drive to: aristotle / axolotl / tartan covered hot water bottle
drive to: the Korean peninsula / nurse ursula / eleganza extravaganza
drive to: a good first rehearsula
drive to: the snowman / the golem / the greatest showman
drive to: hurry up and go man
drive to: Kirk, Spock and The Doomsday Clock
drive to: plunging markets, falling stock
drive to: hans gruber smiling in an uber
drive to: havana, cuba
drive anywhere.
I don’t care.
Just drive.

::::::::::: you have arrived at your destination :::::::::::::

IMG_0397 (1)

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