well honestly sometimes i feel like

:::::: well honestly sometimes i feel like the dumbo stamped red rubber band stretched round the trembling right hand of Ernest Hemingway
:::::: or the butterfly engraved beard trimmers catastrophically used to lever open a rusty can of paint thinners by Claude Monet
:::::: other times, i feel like the bent EPNS gecko wedged in the neck of a bottle of prosecco in the second-best fridge of Reggie & Ronnie
:::::: or the poisonous snake receipt shredded in the chaotic christmas present deceit in the glitzy LA retreat of Jay Z & Beyonce
:::::: mostly i’m just the duck handled shoe horn overlooked in the elephant foot umbrella stand of Hubert de Givenchy
:::::: or the half-eaten wild turkey canape at the adoption ceremony welcoming Johnny Depp into the worldwide tribe of the Comanche

:::::: and there aint nothing i can do about it

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