hex recipe

:::: of the sandy sediment slimed in the sump of an abandoned standard oil pennsylvanian pump on a driverless causeway at dawn:
one cup

:::: of the dander from a prize lowland gander kept six wet months at the marshy mouth of a river meander mostly heading south:
one half of one cup

:::: of the freely-running sweat of a newly-qualified vet attending to the stud-collared squealer of a gun-wielding dealer:
one teaspoon

:::: of the dew on the toe of a red shoe shed on the hop from gin bar to uber, marinaded in the syncopated serenade of a reborn, lovelorn, nine-to-five renegade:
one drop

:::: of the silvery meniscus on a trash can discus of unseasonal rain, ten seconds before the rat on the run from the rat-catching cat trips into it and slops it down the drain:
one flick of one tail

:::: stir rarely

:::: use sparely

:::: salt & pepper to taste

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