Lesson 3 from The New Bible of Absolutely Bloody Everything

LIII: And there shall descend upon us the Last Great Instagram / rendering through a series of divine filters / that the heavenly host of engineers didst graciously build for us / one final, shining / profile defining / End of Time line / when all the images the dead have taken / will instantly be downloaded upon their awakening / and they shalt hold them up proudly in their phalangeal hands / and stand / for one last panoramic shot / on the slowest & widest setting God has got / and he shalt say thanks a lot / that’ll get me some hits / one more for safety and then that’s it / and great shall be the tumult across the land / and many followers shall be lost / and many smartphones smartly tossed / from the boatman’s boat when the moat is crossed / when the boatman shall laugh / most hammily & uncannily from the pointy end of the craft / at the most photogenic moment / (these things are important)
so endeth lesson three
sad emoji

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