bad buttons

I was feeling pretty nice / sittin’ back with a glass n’a slice / shooting the shit with two cops from vice / over at Giacometti’s joint / hearing their viewpoint / on the new appointment / to the City Police Department / the cute argument / concerning this particular advancement / which I said we were somewhat against / due to certain derogatory comments / certain individuals had caused to commence / in certain city wide supplements / which certain other parties will not be at liberty to overlook / or certain other parties will be coming right off of the book / and threaded on a Coney Island fishing hook

so anyways / things were going great / we were busy cleaning the steamer clams from our plates / setting things straight / telling the waiter to wait / leave the bottle and fetch a crate / when who should crash in lookin’ all teary and anxious / like a pink tornado blown straight outta Kansas / but the Capo’s daughter / Cora / so fired up you couldn’t ignore her

so what am I gotta do? / hey Cora! I hollered You’ve thrown a shoe! / my cop friends laughed but then disappeared smartish / they could tell it was time to get outta there sharpish / hey kid! / I said / I’m jes’ goofin’ wi’cha / come over here’n I’ll order a pitcher / beer or wine or somepin’ sweet n’red / whatever, she said / fuck it / collapsing in the chair like a destringed puppet

so we sat / chewed the fat / talked ‘bout this n’ that / her papa’s state of apoplectic ruin / over how many balls a week she was doin’
it ‘ain’t my fault the dice are loaded / this fairytale shit’s just so outmoded
you seein’ anyone?
I was – my cousin buttons
buttons? I said / shaking my head / giving the table a slap / why that no good piece of crap / you know why they call him buttons I’m guessin’? / one little push and he signs the confession
I don’t know why you’re so down on the kid / she said / he’s done stuff you never did
like what I said, throwing back a shot / I’m pretty hot / tell me what this button kid’s got
well he’s kind and he’s funny / and he works for his money
is that right? / is that why he stays out all night? / how j’ya think he earns his salami? / runnin’ black ops for the Salvation Army?
anyway / PK / this is all academic / said Cora, cracking her neck / then tapping out another cigarette / he’s run off with this broad called Betsy / a pole-dancing yeti / from Pulaski Park, Poughkeepsie
have you told your papa yet? / I said / feelin’ the usual dread / I mean – everyone knows it / you hardly need me disclose it / the Capo has a temper and rarely shows it / but when he does he totally blows it / acting somewhat notorious / running around like a rhinosorious
no, she said / lookin’ the other way / I’m saving it up for his birthday

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