meek speak

blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth
wow! sincerely? I mean – really?
THE EARTH! / think what THAT’LL be worth

but just to get you up to speed / I think it depends what bible you read / meek can mean GENTLE / not quite so detrimental / as full-blown meekness / which is more like a worthy kind of weakness / where you worry more and say less / and your capacity for humility is boundless / where you suffer things slowly / in a lowly, holy kind of hopelessness / but forgive me father for I digress

so – yeah! THE EARTH! / awarded to the meekiest first / where the boastful are toast and finally come off worst / and the real stars shining that apocalyptic night / will be all those cheeky, meeky acolytes / who trusting that things would finally come right / met in secret most Wednesday nights / half past six / to maximise their meekiness

anyway / the other thing they sometimes say / the alternative interpretation / vis-à-vis meek world domination / is that EARTH means LAND / which still sounds pretty grand / till you understand / that the word LAND / is entirely metaphorical / not geographical / nowhere contactable / legally contractable / as in THE PROMISED LAND / a particularly smoky, hokey kind of brand / nowhere you can stoop & scoop up sand / and let it trickle through your hand / and say / hey! / this is great! / this was totally worth the wait / then stand up straight / and realise too late / the Promised Land was just a panacea / an angelic analgesia / a landowning fantasia / designed to keep the meek sweet / whilst the earth is surrendered to a supranational elite / who put a girdle round the EARTH three times a week / for lunch in Manhattan, cocktails in Mustique / with an absolutely darling view / of the ripped & ready crew / they specifically hired to be hot / on the shiny deck of their exclusive yacht / that politicians / personal physicians / corrupt police chiefs & tax magicians / can come and go on their own volition / but anyone who might put them on the spot / about such conspicuous wealth and how it was got / absolutely and most certainly can NOT
so anyway – be a good meek
turn the other cheek
pick up your paycheck end of the week
don’t forget the lord is thy shepherd
(and I like my caviar lightly peppered)

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