a rotten truth

these are the guys / that wear the ties
the greys and blues / and shiny shoes
that follow the rules / of the public schools
to swell the ranks / of the boards and the banks
the traders’ hubs / and members’ clubs
and shake the hands / and share the lands
and sign the deeds / and pedigrees
of title & worth / blessed at birth
fed, protected / securely connected
to rich placentas / in city centres

these are the rest / that do their best
that follow the norms / in uniforms
of jeans and boots / and cut-price suits
passed through the system / so fast you missed ‘em
the makers and breakers / the tryers and takers
the leavers & schemers / the weekend dreamers
who feel the bite / when margins are tight
confined, dependent / resigned, redundant
the first to burn / when they finally learn
their messiah was deaf / and it’s prophet with an F


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