three postcards from montmartre

art in montmartre
ten euros
a silhouette
in the Place du Tertre

madame la guêpe
aerial artiste
cinched waist
sweet tastes
loses her mind
in the miel et citron
of my crepe

le petit train de montmartre
departs for the hill
next stop
la belle epoque
a gauche: van gogh
a droite: renoir
ceci la: degas
près de cette maison: cezanne
en face de la le chateau: picasso
devant: valadon
mais soudain
the ghost of Alfred Jarry
riding the second carriage
unexpectedly throws his puppetsIMG_0962
over the parapet
then follows them
by a funnel
of fennel flavoured cloud
the conductor bats his hand
p’ah! he says, aggressively
spitting dismissively
les symbolistes!
la démence de l’absinthe!
et maintenant…
le petit train de montmartre
rattles on

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