birthday poem

mum went into labour
on the 28th december
dad’s birthday
but I wasn’t born until
three minutes past midnight
on the 29th

he wanted the day to himself
the midwife said

three minutes past midnight?
that’s suspiciously precise

what? was the midwife
cheering on the crowning head
from the side of the bed?

and what counts as born?
when you back-heel
the mothership?
when the cord
gets snipped?


fact is
the certificate says
the 29th
not the 28th

and anyway

what’s a few hours
in this great daisy chain
of life on earth?
dad was begat
then beget
some things you hold on to
some you forget

and now dad’s dead
head or feet first
into the abyss
I must confess
I’m not entirely sure
all that is clear
is that I’m still here
looking around
wondering where the rhyme is
checking what the time is


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