the magician’s app

Upon the morning of the first day
enter the nearest bookshop upon thy way
go direct to the outermost shelf
of the section on popular psychology & self-help
close thine eyes
I beseech you
pluck out a book
within easy reach of you
cast it over your left shoulder
take the first and third letter
of the second thing
anyone says
– Quitteth the bookshop

Upon the evening of the second day
enter a green and public space
having first furnished thine head with a hat
and dressed the rim with peanuts and rubbed fat
walk confidently backwardly
taking care
to enumerate the seagulls
that flock to you there
– Quitteth the space

Withdraw to holy quarters
Enter the letters and the number
into the app you hath saved
i’the i’Phone

and if thy signal be strong
and thine thumb be true
and thy patience be long
and thy phone doth actually belong to you
the gift of a magic gif
will be thine in a 3G jiff
and thy fatal fortune revealed all at once
for the fee of just one ninety-nine a month


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