space decal

Dance like no one is watching / drift away, weightlessly hopscotching / notching up another dreamy EVA / as the rest of the space crew dies laughing / wildly telegraphing / drawing pictures of a goofy horse / holding them to the observation ports / miming how they’re messing with your life support

Sing like no one is listening / or there’s a horribly blobulous slime ball glistening / slickly quickening / finding it homicidally interesting / to see / such a delicious morsel of humanity / advertising itself so fragrantly / as it slowly crawls towards you from the laboratory

Love like you’ve never been hurt / by a beautiful robot called Kurt / in aluminium pants and torn white T shirt / who flicked his copper-coiled quiff / his curly aerial stiff / then sashayed / through the moon colony colonnade / digits splayed / and asked if you were the daughter / of a famous interplanetary transporter / because he couldn’t think why else he oughta / be feeling like he’d just lost his penis / and seen it on the news orbiting Venus

 Live like it’s heaven on Earth / because interplanetary travel sure ‘aint worth / the cost of a berth / on a beta star freighter / for reasons I’ll go into later / so toss me the keys from your spaceship / Chip / and button it / this is the shit / right here – you’re living on it / so phone home, ET – then quit / sometimes you gotta know when to commit


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