a furious fairy tale

Hear that roar? / it’s Captain Wonderful in his fantastic four-by-four / drumming up support for a civil war / you’ll never figure out how he does it / he loves it / when truth stands up he shoves it / he’ll bean bag and baton you / totally flatten you / I mean – this is a man’s man / ageless and raging as Potus Pan / Wendy and Tinkerbell tossed in the van / Captain Hook promoted to Right Hook Man / riot gates thrown around Never Never Land

Look at that reporter / sneaking into court / to talk to the King and his daughter / to hear their theories of social disorder / echo in the ego architecture / quit stalling / it’s all too appalling / he acts like it’s a calling / a symptom of the general failing and falling / so you stumble out into the rose garden / nauseated by all the fairy tale jargon / knight v dragon / the princess and the plea bargain / and you take a deep breath in the outside air / and choke on the tear gas drifting across the square

Look at the sky / the white clouds like foetuses floating by / in an amniotic juice of privilege and denial / linked by cords to the heart of the sun / where the good stuff flows to everyone / who looks enough like the big guy in the suit / in numbers beyond your capacity to compute / who bids the orcs in the parks and the playgrounds shoot / who waves the bible and stashes the loot / your mission – should you choose to accept it / is identify his supply and check it / intercept and wreck it / and if you get caught – fuck it / I know it sucks / but if they ask us a question we’ll probably have to duck it / so good luck / and here are the keys to the garbage truck

Let us pray

Our Father, who art in bunker
orange be thy name
thy wisdom come
thy wig be done on Fox
as it is in OAN
Give us this day our daily brutes
and forgive us our press passes
as we forgive those who
press pass against us
and lead us not into Trump bating
but deliver us from civil
for thine is the Sub/Dom
the Donald and the glory
forever and ever
Arm men


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