unsuccessful delusions of grandeur

I’m Phony Morrison
Charles Thickens
Edgar Allen Nope

I’m Walt Shitman
e e goings
T S Bellyache

I’m Charlie Chaplout
Clueless Fairbanks Jnr
Liable & Hardly

I’m Lazy David
Bob No Hope
Phyllis Duller

I’m John Le Non
Bo Deadly
Negative Prints

I’m Minimum Monroe
Least Witherspoon
Meryl Stroke

I’m Partly Smith
Stevie Nix

I’m Freezer Kahlo
Flaky Emin
Yoko Oh No

I’m Steve Jobless
Mark Suckerberg
Nil Gates

I’m Won’t Smith
Bad Pitt
Loose Willis

I’m Nicola No It Isn’t Urgent
Novice Johnson
Mere Starmer

I’m Muddled J Trump


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