my first little book of trump

A is for America, land of the free
B is for Bussing in the military

C is for Covfefe, Confusion, Collusion
D is for Denial, Distraction, Delusion

E is for Editing the lies in Wikipedia
F is for the Fakes in the Lamestream Media

G is for Golfing in Mar A Lago
H is for Holding another embargo

I is for Ivanka’s consulting fee
J is for justices six vs. three

K is for the Kids in the KKK
L for the Losers who get in their way

M is for Melania’s ‘I really don’t care, do u?’
N is for Nominations, rushing them through

O is for the Orange of his big, sticky paws
P is for the Phony Emoluments clause

Q is for Questionable accounting procedures
R is for Rescheduling corporate foreclosures

S is for Slander, the Locker Room snicker
T is for Tantrums on TV and Twitter

U is for the Unforeseen virus’ reach
V is for Vaccinating with kitchen bleach

W is for the White House, the Office, the Garden
X is for Exonerating his friends with a pardon

Y is for Yearning, the dreams of ‘You’re Fired!’
Z is for the Zillions he’ll sneak when he’s retired

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