how it came to this

it happened immediately after the debate / Trump was terrible, Biden wasn’t great / the whole thing a shovel of shit on a plate / with a generous side-order of humiliation / for the tortured, television watching population / so they thought about what they could put in its place / something to galvanise the electoral race

someone at Fox / was first outta the box / she said why not dress them as comedy mascots? / Republican elephant, Democrat donkey? / with an umpire dressed like Walter Cronkey / with his hair standing up and his moustache on wonky / timing them out with a horn he can honky? / the costumes could be padded with plenty of cushions / to protect them from all the kickin’ and pushin’ / three rounds of trunk to hoof combat outta do it / here’s a rough drawing – let’s get to it

so that’s what they scheduled for 2024
– if only Trump hadn’t started the third world war

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