status update III

I’m Richard the Lemmingheart / Joan of Nark
I’m Jagger the Jogger rockin’ his three-wheeler roller round the park

I’m Lady Macbeth and a Glock 17
sleepwalking through her most famous scene
the multitudinous seas incarnadine

I’m Donald MacTrump
squeezing out a dump / Rude Giulianni’s hand on the pump
squatting on a ballot box back of the stump

I’m lazy Lazarus
flat out on his matarus
flicking through the funnies back of the daily papyrus
when Jesus layeth into me
and unexpectedly saith unto me
Rise, take up thy bed, and walk
glaring down at me like a holy hawk
or a gorgeous Mickey Rourke
in a toga and beard
before boxing and all that plastic surgery made him weird

2 thoughts on “status update III

  1. Late night (for me) taxing my recall greys. You is/was a medico, or I’ve confused you with some other dude who comes across phenomenally erudite (i realize that’s redundant, but that’s for empfasis empases to stress the point.) Were you in a former life a collage profesor or maybe a Jeopardy! champion emeritus? Ain’t never seen a guy load so much deep into such a small space. My understanding is like a marble in a shoebox (sans Schrodinger’s kitty) all over the place trying to sort it all out. Mumble, mumble… Friggin poets! (Which is to say, liked your effort.)


    1. That’s why I like poetry – you get in & out quick and there’s no time to show how little you really know!
      Yep – I’m a nursing assistant currently. Leaves me plenty of room to write.
      Erudite? Yeah – spelled G.O.O.G.L.E 😉
      Thanks for the comment SP – v kind of you 😀

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