please welcome onstage

Please welcome onstage:

Gorgeous Graham & The Speedos
Fleet Fingers & The Mementos
Dickie Monster & The Innuendos

Foxy Fraud & The Prosthetics
Flip Cannula & The Anaesthetics
Bad Andy & The Pizza Pathetics

Billy Shakes & The Emotional Weathers
Howl Cordelia & The Never, Never, Nevers
Maternity Pack & The Monetised Placentas

Dirk Sprinkler & The Japonicas
Missy X & The Monikers
Peach Melba & The Polymers

Rich Sauce & The Marinades
Thora Cotomy & The Tamponades
Titchy Bitch & The Tardigrades

Beverley Hills & The Rinky Dink Rollers
Frank Abstraction & The Long-Legged Strollers
Taffy Habit & The Molars

Sasha Suma & The Pips
Valerie Fear & The Grips
BJ Johnson & The Flips

With support by:

Whale Annihilation
Party Anachronism

and introducing:
Fondant Massacre

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