who told you I’m a conspiracy theorist?

wake the hell up sheeple
what kinda people
ARE you?
I don’t mean to scare you
I just wanna prepare you
for the big correction
that’s rolling thru’ the streets in your general direction

c’mon – shit like this shit don’t just happen
you can’t just sit there laughing and clapping
fake news fapping
backroom backslapping
time’s up
you gotta wise up
rise up
straighten your cap & do your flies up
c’mon talk to me
stick that self-respect back where it oughta be
why n’t you & me
take a stroll down the road & speak truth to authority

whaddya mean – where’d I get my facts?
relax, man, relax
certainly not the Democrats
don’t you worry about me, my friend
I’m a patriot defender
end to end legit
I got the only facts that fit
if you only got the brains to recognise it
not like you & your lamestream media
your Washington Post and your Wikipedia
I’m free and unaffiliated
I get my facts straight and unmediated

forget what they force fed you in school
let me lay out a few of the REAL rules:

  1. Nothing happens by chance
  2. Nothing is what it seems at first glance
  3. Everything interconnects
  4. For every cause there is an effect
    last time I checked
    let me put this to you
    the ol’ red pill blue pill walk-through:
    Salem Witches?
    Illuminati bitches
    Virus key
    One word: Marilyn Monroe – okay?
    The vaccine?
    just another part of the hoax n’ smokes machine
    that’s been running behind the scenes
    since God’s creation
    of this beautiful, bad-ass, sore-afflicted nation
    it’s the only rational explanation

    now, tell me again the basis of your hesitation

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