Where’s Trump? A look & find book for senators aged 4+

Where’s Trump?

Is he….

….up in the attic, packed in a trunk?

Oh no, no, no! He is not in a trunk
The trunk in the attic is filled up with junk
He couldn’t squeeze in with all the tweets and decrees
So where oh where could that naughty Trump be?

Where’s Trump?

Is he….

…in the marching band where the drums go thump?

Oh no, no, no! He does not make a thump
Or make a trombone play parrump a bump bump
He doesn’t twirl a baton. He doesn’t toot a flute
So where oh where is the man in the suit?

Where’s Trump?

Is he….

…hiding in a garbage can up in the dump?

Oh no, no, no! He is not in the dump
He does not give the dump the official thumbs up
He’s got friends in high places. He’s got pockets of cash
He has not been tossed with the household trash

Where’s Trump?

Is he….

…top of the White House ready to jump?

Oh no, no, no! He’s not ready to jump
He’s a mean old leader but he’s nobody’s chump

Look! There he is! Under the palm tree fronds!
Teeing off with Supremacists and QAnons!
Naughty old Trump! How like him to wander!
How much more looking will we have to do, I wonder?

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