in the DC retirement home

superman and his superzimmer
flies low & slowly home for dinner
hauls up in front of the reception mirror
for a long and inquiring superlook
hangs his cape on a superhook
picks up a glossy superhero book
shuffles into the lounge to read it
says yes to soup but doesn’t need it

batman kicks with his bat-slippered feet
through competition for the best lounge seat
in the friday night fish n’chip all you can eat
swipes the joker with the jibber jabber
snatches the ketchup with his bat grabber
grunts at the give in his bat bladder
deploys his cloak for gaze protection
raises a gauntlet for carer detection

wonder woman spins in the aquasize pool
struggling to keep her poise and her cool
with a pink flamingo buoyancy tool
she’s getting way too long in the tooth
for the encouraging shit of the poolside youth
wonders where they hid her lasso of truth
starts to feel annoyed, fatigued
plans another letter to the justice league

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