meeting with an alien

it was just parking up / outside the tattoo shop / in a sick looking saucer with a shiny soft-top
I said hi / thanks for spinning by / it said that’s alright / what else am I gonna do tonight
I said so wha’d’ya know? / it shrugged and said things come they go / I said so…
it said hey – I come in peace / I creased / I said you coulda thoughta something more original at least / it locked the saucer door / winked and said sure / but I didn’t wanna be too obscure
I said so how’re ya doin / it said okay but there’s trouble brewing / so what’s new
I said / yeah but this shits way over in the red / it said / scratching one of its heads
so – this is some kinda warning / I said, yawning / as we both went to smoke under the tattoo shop awning

what the hell am I supposed to do about it / as far as influence goes I’m totally without it
we all got a part to play / haven’t we – hey? / don’t be the kinda guy who gets in his own way
I said nice / but you didn’t come like a zillion miles for hokey advice
you’re right it said / blowing smoke rings over its heads / let’s put this warning shit to bed
listen to me / your world’s on a downward trajectory / carry on like this and you’ll soon be history
I said so what d’ya want? / that I make with the international detente?
Greta Toony tried and she couldn’t do it / if a 13 year old Swede can’t how am I supposed to do it?

okay said the alien apologies & such / it’s like : straws, clutch / you can tell I don’t get out that much
it’s a crying shame though / your species had a way to go / but you reach the stage where it’s like helloooo / so…
it nodded towards the tattoo parlour / lifted a tentacle, flipped up its armour
I was like – thinking of getting a tat of your planet? / no problem I said – crawl right in and ask for Janet

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