I must have been small
but I remember it all

how she made her eyes bigger
plucked her eyebrows
stuck each hair round the compact mirror
patted her cheeks in a peachy cloud

I liked the way she twisted the stick
dragged it slowly over each lip
rolled them evenly shiny and slick
cleaned a tooth with a fingertip

not that mum & dad ever went out
I suppose they could’ve, of course
I wonder what the makeup was about
stayed for the kids, never divorced

4 thoughts on “makeup

  1. This one obviously hit deep for us both. My parents also stayed together for me. Suggestion to all couples staying together for the kids, kids would much rather be from a broken home than to live in one. (Dr. Phil was the first one I had ever heard say it in that way so TINY props to an incredibly rich right wing nut job but…’Merica). 😜

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    1. Absolutely, Patti. I feel mean saying it – but I think that’s right. I’d rather have seen them both in fulfilling relationships than merely fulfilling obligations. Difficult though it would’ve been for them (initially). x


      1. Abso-freaking-loutely! I just try to remember they did the best they knew to do. Parents…amirite? 😁


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