never share a bedroom with your brothers if you can help it

I shared a bedroom with my two brothers
it’s fair to say none of us
liked the arrangement
(and probably accounts for the subsequent estrangement)

we fought about the usual stuff
who had space, who didn’t have enough
but the thing that caused the biggest fight
was whether the door stayed open at night

I said if there was a ghost
I’d want it to float
in and out freely
they disagreed completely
they could absolutely guarantee for sure
even the dumbest ghost can walk through a bedroom door

their arguments were sharp and well rehearsed
but I was youngest so I came to bed first
the door was left open and I eased into the night
happily staring at the landing light

when they crept up later at nine
they’d come and put their faces close to mine
to test if I was asleep or faking it
because if I was awake I couldn’t be taking it

little did they know
I could go nose to nose
with any of those bozos
because I’d transfer my anxiety into my toes
which I’d be furiously wiggling
instead of giggling
so unless you monitored the duvet
you’d have no way
of knowing
my wakefulness was showing

it was one of my superhero strengths
and the reason I went to such lengths
was because although as I said before
I didn’t want them shutting the bedroom door
I was always much more interested to know
what secrets they’d share when the door was closed

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